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Gluten Free Cooking Tips #3 -- Mise en place

Cooking Tip#3 
Mise En Place 
Today’s tip is inspired by Sally J. Parrott, author of the blog Aprovechar.

“Mise En Place” simply means “putting in place” or “everything in place.” When applied towards cooking it basically just means to have all your utensils, pans, and ingredients prepared and ready to use before cooking. It may seem like a silly tip, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started on a recipe (without fully being prepared) and in the midst of cooking realize I’m out of butter or cinnamon or garlic!

This one little step will just make the entire cooking process go much more smoothly and easily. There are many steps you can make several days ahead of time to make “mise en place” even easier! For example, if you commonly cook with garlic, onions, celery, or carrots, you can spend a few minutes chopping and dicing (with a good knife!) enough of these ingredients to last for 4-5 days. Store the prepared ingredients in an air-tight container or plastic bag in your refrigerator for up to 1 week.

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When preparing for a recipe: chop your ingredients and place them individually in small bowls or in mounds on a flexible chopping mat. Pull out any utensils you may need such as a spatula, spoon, or whisk. Pull out the pot, pan, or baking dish you are using. Prepare the pan by greasing it or spritzing it with non-stick cooking spray if called for in the recipe. Have a kitchen towel handy to clean up any spills or to dry your hands. Place a medium sized bowl on the counter as your “garbage bowl” to place any scraps or peelings (best tip from Rachael Ray EVER!) Now, chop, dice, prep, and you’re ready to cook!

Reader’s Tip of the Day: 
“If baking -- bring ingredients to room temperature (eggs, the milk ect...) and if cooking or baking have all your ingredients out , try to be as organized as much as possible... (or as possible as you can be coming from a mother of 4!)” -- Joanna, author of Gluten Free Chef and Health Enthusiast 

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  1. I've tried doing this but whenever I chop celery ahead of time, it goes all limp pretty quickly. Do you have a tip for keeping it crisp? I do keep a bag of chopped onion in the freezer, which helps speed things along.
    melisa (at) toadinaboat (dot) com

    1. Actually YES Melisa! You can keep chopped celery in a container full of cold water in the fridge (well it will of course be cold in the fridge! lol) but keeping it submerged in water will keep it crisp and fresh! Just rinse and pat dry before using!! :-)

    2. Also, you might be sure to use a bowl instead of a bag for celery. You will, most likely be doing this if you're following Carrie's suggestion, anyway. Don't know why, but it seems to make a big difference.

  2. I always try to have everything in place before I start cooking or baking, especially since going GF. The ingredients are SOOO much more expensive I cant bear the thought of having to throw out a mistake!! I just never knew that the term “Mise En Place” was what I was doing. :)

  3. I am getting better at mise en place...but sometimes I'm still a bit frazzled.

  4. Thanks, mise en place.. great tip

  5. Thank YOu For the great tips. I'm glad I saw the "10 Days of Gluten Free."

  6. I go through all my ingredients on Saturdays (when I get my Bountiful Basket of fruits and veggies) and make a menu (including desserts and extras I may want to make) so I know I won't run out. And, I'm like you, I try to prep things beforehand, so all I have to do is pull them out of the fridge and use them.

  7. i've cooked & baked for over 30 years & i just recently started doing this - getting out all the ingredients and putting them on the island before i start. there is just something about it that makes the whole process so much better!

  8. i've cooked & baked for over 30 years and i just recently started doing this - putting all the ingredients out on the island before i start. there is just something about it that makes the whole process better!

  9. Love this tip, Carrie. I have not gotten to the place where I do it consistently, but I do agree that it's worth while.

  10. I agree completely with your post. It can make cooking so much easier.

  11. This is a great tip! I try, but I'm not as good at it as you obviously are! Thanks for the tip and look forward to the giveaway!!

  12. Thanks for the tips and the cookbook recommendation. I'm always on the lookout for good ones.

  13. Need to practice these tips more. Thanks!

  14. I have messed up so many times in the past by thinking I had something and not making sure before getting started.

  15. Thank you for yor tips.

  16. Very good tip. I try my best but once in a while I slip up

  17. Thanks for the tips, I always for get to let things go to room temp!

  18. Thanks!

  19. Looks like a great cookbook. Thanks for all the great tips!

  20. Thanks for the tips.

  21. So much to learn ... Thanks for the great tips!


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